Structural Glazing Services

Structures that are far from ordinary

Structural glazing is a system of bonding glass to a building’s structural framing members using a high strength, high-performance silicone sealant. Because of its high durability and load bearing capacity, it is the first choice of architects who wish to create visually stunning buildings with transparent walls, floors, and ceilings, with ample natural light.

We’re there for you

Through the years, we at Alfa Façade Systems have been recognised for our integrity and high quality. Moreover, our team of skilled glaziers exceeds customer expectations and defies engineering challenges to complete the industry’s most demanding projects for commercial, retail, and residential sectors. Our services include glazings for:
  1. Glass façades and canopies
  2. Glass walls and partitions
  3. Glass balustrades and staircases
  4. Frameless windows
  5. Frameless glass roofs and roof lights