Frameless Spider Glazing Services

Pushing the limits of what’s possible

Ideal for creating a suspended, all-glass look in buildings, frameless spider glazing is fast becoming a sought after option in today’s high-rise structures. The system consists of tempered glass tiles connected at the corners by spider fittings and braced by a supporting grid of glass, metal rods and cables or a combination. Flexibility allows for the creation of structurally complex designs, transparency ensures the entry of ample natural light and durability of such structures ensures buildings stand the test of time.

We’re there for you

Alfa Façade Systems’ expertise pushes the limits of architectural expression while finding the most efficient, cost-effective and constructible solutions for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Within the genre of frameless spider glazing services, we offer:
  1. Glazing with fin
  2. Glazing using stainless steel
  3. Glazing with mild steel
  4. Glazing using suspension rods
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Frameless Spider Glazing Services-2
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