Curtain Wall Glazing Services

A “Glass” Apart

Glass melds classic with contemporary, transparency with solidity. Adding a sense of distinctive character and ambience, glass curtain wall systems allow light to flood property interiors. Timelessly beautiful, external building facades glimmer, making striking architectural statements. In addition to enhanced aesthetics, curtain wall glazing offers the additional benefits of energy and thermal efficiency, noise control and fire safety. It also minimises building sway, cushions wind buffeting and balances overall kinetic stress.

We’re there for you

At Alfa Façade Systems, we use cutting-edge modelling to understand and optimise designs. From engineering support every step of the way to customisation, fabrication and installation, we’ve got the expertise to make glass work for you. We offer a number of infill panels for such systems which include:
  1. Vision Glass
  2. Spandrel or non-vision glass
  3. Aluminium or other metals
  4. Stone
Curtain Wall Glazing
Curtain Wall Glazing 1-new
Curtain Wall Glazing 2