Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding Services

From conventional to groundbreaking

As the popularity of modern contemporary building structures continue to grow, materials like aluminium panel cladding often find their way into building design options. An evolutionary siding composite material, it opens the door to all kinds of innovation in minimalist and contemporary architectural design. Aluminium composite panels are lightweight, durable, flexible, and strong. They are also fire and weather-resistant and are available in a variety of textures, colours and metallic coatings.

We’re there for you

Generations of expertise in the aluminium wall panels industry and the continuing drive to provide forward-looking products have fuelled Alfa Façade Systems’ success in becoming leaders in aluminium wall panel installation. We have manufactured and installed a variety of such panels for:
  1. High-rise commercial buildings
  2. Modern residential projects
  3. Storefronts and signages
  4. Column cladding and beam coverings
  5. Interior cladding and partitions
  6. Interior false ceilings
  7. Unconventional structural shapes