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Aluminium Composite Panel
Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers a beautiful, fresh, creative and practical possibility for modern building satisfying the dreams of architects, engineers and the developers. The advent of Skylight has presented a new era in roofing solutions for commercial centers, private houses, hotels, etc.

The utilization of glass covered aluminum profile that complete with insulation and lighting specification, has enabled the architects to take advantage of an advanced and innovative solution offering diverse possibilities and improved structural appearance. A unique aluminum cladded canopy designed in elliptical shape to add a look of substance and style by Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The designs and accuracy in calculations, for stability, strength and erection. to give style and substance to the skylights, domes and canopies.

Frameless glazing suspended from the building structure.

Sheer glass wall with unbeatable versatility, individuality and variability

Matchless elegance at the entrance with suspended glass with spider linings and glass fins to break the restricted inside view of the complex.

The Systems combines specially processed toughened glass pane with a countersunk bolt fixing Systems designed to support the weight of the glass. Each pane is anchored separately by means of a weight-bearing bolt that is inserted from the bush through a hole in the super structure. Pane to pane joints is sealed with silicone sealant.

Enveloping the entire building with sheer high - rise glass walls, incorporating complex shapes and uninterrupted views, that are possible, which are simple, yet dynamic. Structural Glazing provides clients with the opportunity to create original glass designs in any plane from vertical to horizontal utilizing Glass products.

Clean narrow sight lines meet the esthetic requirement of the architects and occupies alike in addition to Its visual appeal, quality materials and thorough workmanship. Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. guarantees a long services life and a reflection of excellence for years to come.

Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. has new standards for functional versatility, visual attractiveness and seating efficiency.

Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers almost limitless design possibilities and allows realization of variable concepts with windows that open up smoothly whenever free access between the inside and outside is required.

The glazing provides the architects to create high performance solutions, which are visually exciting both internally and externally.

Windows, doors, shutters, conservatories, curtain walls: Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. presents a wide range of solutions with accessories and fittings suited for the most innovative and creative design as well as for the traditional one.

Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. windows are engineered to design, accuracy of details and high level of performance!

Aluminium composite panel is a panel consisting of two aluminium sheets and Polyetheline core resin sandwich, in between the two sheets which is a very good thermal insulating material. It is available in a range of standard coil coated colours in PVDF finishes.

It is available in thickness of 3,4 & 5mm. It is a very good material which enhances the beauty of the building aesthetically also.

AFS's wide range of in-house services backed with superior Quality control is what makes it the primary choice of all who believe in “Quality builds up to Quantity”. Following is list of our services.

  •     Structural Glazing and Curtain Walls for buildings and Shop fronts
  •     Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding for buildings and Shop Fronts
  •     Fabrication of architectural, Glass and Aluminum Windows and Doors
  •     Fabrication of Windows and Doors and Partitions for luxury villas, apartments and offices
  •     Automatic Sliding and Swing Doors for Hotel Entrances, Executive Office buildings, Shopping Malls
  •     Skylights, Domes and Canopies
  •     Security and Safety Tempered Glass
  •     Powder Coating and Anodizing for all kinds of aluminum profiles and products
  •    Hermetically sealed Double Glazing for noise reduction in offices and residences
  •    Spider Glazing Systems for Buildings and Shop fronts
  •    Glass Flooring
  •    Glass & Steel Railings
  •    Glass Shower Cubicles
  •    Full Glass frameless Toughened Doors for executive offices and building entrances